5 Ultimate Steps to Automate Affiliate Marketing

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  6. 5 Ultimate Steps to Automate Affiliate Marketing

Everything we’ve looked at so far has required a lot of manual labor, and as a beginner affiliate marketer, it’s critical to go through all of this to learn the ropes.

However, you’ll want to automate as much of your affiliate marketing plan as feasible sooner or later.

Here are five aspects of your affiliate marketing plan that you can start automating right now:

Email Marketing

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ActiveCampaign makes email marketing automation simple.

Email marketing is the most cost-effective way to capture visitors before they’re ready to buy and nurture them toward an affiliate sale.

It’s also one of the best channels for automation, and you can pretty much automate your entire email marketing approach using a service like ActiveCampaign.

You may target users with material that fits their needs as they travel along the consumer journey, guiding them towards your affiliate items as their buy intent increases, by developing audience segmentation lists (based on why people sign up and how they interact with your emails).

On-page lead segmentation

The biggest issue with email marketing automation is the initial email that goes out — those generic communications that don’t actually meet user needs and immediately start asking for additional information about people or begin pitching generic offers.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Your email list subscribers signed up for a purpose, and the more information you have about that reason (and the sooner you can acquire it), the more relevant and effective your follow-up communications will be.

What time is it?

Because of its multi-page form designs, weBlogForSmallBiz utilizes Leadformly to segment email prospects – even before they click the CTA button. These forms, which use a technology called conditional logic, ask users about their wants and expectations as they sign up, allowing you to deliver them more relevant communications right away.

Social Media Posts

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Promoting your affiliate content on social media is essential for growing your audience, but manually posting on all of those channels takes a lot of time.

Buffer lets you automate anything you don’t want to do manually and manage all of your accounts in one location, as well as collect analytics data for all of your social media accounts.


All of that content you need to write results in a mountain of proofreading, and the human eye (and brain) can only take so much.

Grammarly is a fantastic tool for catching fundamental spelling and grammar errors, which are all too easy to overlook when re-reading your own work. It won’t solve all of your writing issues, but it will assist you in producing better content more rapidly.

App Integration

The more applications you use to manage your affiliate marketing campaign, the more time you’ll spend executing time-consuming chores between them, such as saving Gmail attachments to Google Drive, scheduling blog posts in Buffer, or importing leads from other apps into ActiveCampaign.

Zapier is a fantastic integration tool that connects over 1,000 of the most important business tools, allowing you to automate actions like these so you never have to save another email attachment to Google Drive, Dropbox, or wherever you want them.

Automation technology has come a long way in recent years, but it’s worth noting that there’s a more human option to automation: outsourcing.

After all, the computers aren’t quite ready to compose industry-leading content or create product review videos for you just yet. Some tasks require a human touch, and knowing when to outsource them (usually because your time is better spent elsewhere) is critical.

The less you have to do yourself, whether it’s outsourcing your marketing plan to an agency, paying freelancers to create all of that new material for you, or simply hiring an assistant to handle the paperwork, the more you’ll enjoy the benefits of being an affiliate marketer.

Outsourcing, of course, isn’t free, so you’ll need to consider it into your budget and ensure that your ROIs and profit margins continue to rise.

Boost your affiliate business

If you follow the steps outlined in this article to the letter, you should have a highly profitable affiliate marketing strategy working for you.


However, there’s still plenty of space to grow your affiliate business and boost income.


You are, without a doubt.

It may be challenging to obtain more visitors and earn from affiliate programs from your current website if you believe you’ve reached your maximum traffic potential and earning potential (or near to it).

You could boost earnings by introducing more affiliate programs that are connected to your current ones – as long as they don’t conflict with your current products – but you’re still restricted to what one site can do.

To construct your own affiliate empire, you’ll have to start from scratch, creating new sites, targeting new audiences, and multiplying your affiliate income with entirely new programs.

You don’t want to compete with your current website or jeopardize its performance in any manner. As a result, your additional affiliate sites must be distinct enough to avoid stealing affiliate sales from the same target group you’re already targeting.

Your new sites, on the other hand, can be tied to your original one, and you can use your existing internet presence and visitor numbers to increase them.

If your first site concentrates on eCommerce platforms, for example, you can decide to add a site that focuses on hosting services or online payment services — non-competitive products/services that your existing audience will require.

You can continue to add and optimize new affiliate marketing programs as your affiliate empire expands, increasing traffic counts on each site and multiplying your affiliate income.

You may apply the lessons you’ve learned from past sites and the optimization tactics you’ve discovered along the way to every new site you design, making it easier to produce results.

It’s now your turn.

After reading this tutorial, you should be ready to embark on your own affiliate marketing experience. Here’s a rundown of everything you’ve learned from this post to help you remember the essential lessons (and avoid the common blunders made by new affiliates):

  • In affiliate marketing, content is important; only post the greatest material in your field.
  • Start with the products you’re currently familiar with and enjoy; you can expand your strategy later.
  • Prepare for affiliate marketing success by knowing exactly what your goals are (profit, revenue, traffic, etc.) before you begin and how to track your progress.
  • Once your first site is profitable, start focusing on maximizing performance by optimizing every stage of your affiliate plan.
  • Automate anything you can: Don’t waste time doing things by hand that can be done automatically.
  • Boost your affiliate business: Expand your affiliate empire with new websites marketing different (but perhaps related) products to solidify your place in the business.

Make a note of this article as a resource to return to, and be sure to check out our other articles on affiliate marketing, email marketing, automation, and everything else you need to get the most out of your approach.

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