Best Way To Build An Email List For Your Blog/Business in 2022

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You’ve definitely heard these phrases a million times if you’ve ever read a blogging advice post: “you need an email list” or “you need to start growing your email list from the beginning” and similar sentences.

We won’t be the one to tell you that, since We know you’re tired of hearing it.

We’ll just highlight some of the reasons why, if you haven’t already, you should consider having an email list.

Then we’ll get to the meat of the piece, where We’ll give you some pointers on how to start having an email list.

Even if you’re a new blogger with little to no traffic.

Why Do You Need An Email List?

You understand the importance of building an email list for your blog, but why?

Why do you need to establish an email list in the first place? Why is it so vital to have an email list?

Some of the (many) reasons are as follows:

  • You control your email list
  • Unlike social media, it can’t suddenly “disappear.”
  • It’s a direct means to engage with your audience
  • It helps you create a more personal relationship with them
  • It helps you drive more visitors to your site (because they are obviously interested in your content when they subscribed)
  • For affiliate marketing, an email list is a gold mine because you have complete control over the content.

Now that we’ve hopefully persuaded you to establish an email list, we’ll teach you how to actually build one. From picking an email service provider to acquiring your first subscribers, we’ll walk you through it all!

What Is The Best Way To Build An Email List For Your Blog?

Building an email list isn’t as difficult as it may appear.

In just four easy actions, you can start building your email list.

Choose Your Email Service Provider

Choosing an email service provider is the first step in developing an email list.

There are numerous well-known examples. Some are free, while others need payment.

They all have unique qualities and benefits. Simply select the option that best meets your requirements and capabilities.

We strongly suggest Mailer Lite, GetResponse, or Constant Contact, which are by far one of the best email service providers we’ve come across.

We’ve been using both for quite some years now and have never had any issues or questions.

Constant Contact is ideal for bloggers because it has a variety of features such as pop-ups, landing pages, and embedded forms, all of which are useful when promoting your email list! And you also get free 60days trial.

If you’re a new blogger who is just getting started and doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on your blog or business, GetResponse is free for the first 500 subscribers, Mailer Lite is free for 1000 contacts, and Constant Contact free for 60 days.

Make a Freebie That’s Too Good To Give Out

It’s time to start growing your email list or getting people to subscribe to your list, now that you’ve chosen your email service provider.

Making a freebie is the greatest method to do it.


Because people enjoy receiving free gifts.

It’s that simple!

The best and quickest strategy to expand your email list is to create a freebie.

When developing a freebie, make sure it’s something people want and can use, and that it adds value to their lives.

If you’re stumped as to what kind of freebie to make, here are a few suggestions.

  • checklists
  • printables
  • templates
  • lists
  • stock photos
  • worksheets
  • eBooks
  • email courses
What Is The Best Way To Make A Freebie?
  • MAKE A PLAN: Make a list of how you want your freebie to look, what you’ll include, and how you’ll structure it.
  • CREATE YOUR FREEBIE-Canva, a free online graphic design tool, is the greatest place to start when it comes to creating freebies. Checklists, printables, and worksheets are all easy to make using Canva. With Canva, you can make almost anything (plus they have some free templates you can use and customize)

Make the most of that Freebie by Promoting it as much as possible.

It’s time to start promoting your freebie now that you have it!

Select the sort of form you want to create from MailerLite > forms.

Popups, landing pages, embedded forms, and promotions are all options.

Forms that appear when someone visits your blog are known as popups. It may be after a certain number of seconds, when they scroll down, or something else entirely. You have complete control over when they appear.

Landing pages are great for things that stand alone, such as freebies that aren’t part of a larger post. (Things like courses and eBooks, for example)

Freebies that are add-ons and relevant to a post, such as checklists, worksheets, and so on, should be promoted with an embedded form on that post.

Promotions are pop-up forms that you may use to draw attention to anything.

Simply select the form type you wish to use and click Create. You’ll be redirected to a new page where you may name your form and save and proceed.

Then click save and continue after selecting a subscription group or creating a new one.

Now you may customize your form in the form builder, which should look like this:

email list

Here you can modify the colors of your form, update the wording, and add additional fields, among other things.

You have two options for sending the gift to your subscribers.

The first option is to send them an email to confirm their membership and include the freebie in the thank you page or to add the freebie immediately to the form so they may download it as soon as they sign up.
What’s the best way to get the freebie to download?

(This is true in both directions)

  • Upload your freebie to DropBox (different services are available, but we believe DropBox is the most convenient for what we’re about to do).
  • After it’s been uploaded, go to share > create link > copy link (your link should look like this: 
  • The next step is to replace the last 0 with a 1, which will result in the following link: (The one we’ve added automatically downloads the file when someone clicks on the link, rather than them having to go to your DropBox and do it manually)
  • Okay, now that you have your link, go to MailerLite and paste it into your form or thank you email, depending on how you received it. Add a link to anything like “click HERE to download your freebie.”

After you’ve customized your form and included the freebie, go to the next page and scroll down to the “embed form into your website” section.

The code can then be copied and pasted into your website.

If you’re using WordPress, we highly recommend installing Mailerlite’s free plugin to make adding forms to your site a breeze.

How to Get the Word Out About Your Freebie

It’s worth promoting on your blog.

Your blog is the simplest approach to advertise a freebie.

You can create a freebie that is relevant to a blog post and embed it in the post, create a pop-up for your freebie, place it in your sidebar, and so on.

There are no limits to what you can do.


In Canva, create some graphics and start pinning them to your boards. Share your freebie with Tailwind tribes as well to gain extra exposure!

For some advice on how to make eye-catching Pinterest graphics, check out THIS page!

An Email of Welcome

Don’t just provide them the freebie and then disappear now that you’ve gotten some subscribers!

Send them a welcome email in which you identify yourself and your blog, as well as what they may expect from you in the future.

MailerLite’s automation comes in useful here!

We have a welcome email that new subscribers receive one day after subscribing that we prepared with their automation. You have the option of sending a single welcome email or a welcome sequence.

You might be thinking, “We’ve got some subscribers, but now what?” I’m not sure what I’m going to send them.

Fortunately, we’ve thought of everything and developed a FREE printable PDF with 10 email ideas for your subscribers.

To download it immediately, simply enter your email address below.

15 Email Ideas You Should Send to Your SubscribersTired of Lacking Email Ideas?

Here, our founder has compiled 15 Email Ideas that will help you engage your subscribers and have them entertained in your email list

Fortunately, we’ve thought of everything and developed a FREE printable PDF with 10 email ideas for your subscribers.

To download it immediately, simply enter your email address below.

What are you waiting for now that you know how to establish and grow your email list?

Go ahead and start building your list. You don’t have any justifications for not doing so.

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