Best Complete Guide to Create a Video Using Doodle Maker 2021

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In this post, you will learn a step-by-step guide on how you can Create a Video Using Doodle Maker.

When you Create a Video Using Doodle Maker, you can use the video to start a YouTube channel, promote your blog, increase your business reach, spread the news about your products and services.

Video marketing is now an integral part of business promotion. Creating a video from scratch used to be a hassle for small businesses. Small businesses always have little budget and making videos can eat up their budget. But when you Create a Video Using Doodle Maker, you don’t only reduce the amount spent, you will also increase your ROI and have huge engagement on Social Media.

To Create a Video Using Doodle Maker is very easy and this post focus on how to do start without breaking a sweat. You are only limited by your imagination.

You will be shown everything. Step by step. Let you know how you can walk with the cameras, walk with voice options, slides, text, and everything. We will be showing you everything in this tutorial and we are going to start right now inside of Doodle Maker. You can use ready-made templates, start from scratch or use artificial intelligence.

Ways You can Make Money Creating Videos

Aside from creating videos to market your products and services or to promote your business, you can use this software as a means of making money when you help others to create their videos. You will learn other ways of making money by creating videos

Upload Your Videos To YouTube

This is probably the most common way that most video entrepreneurs begin to start making money with videos. It’s drop-dead simple to do and doesn’t require a large investment in video equipment to get started:

  1. Create a channel on YouTube
  2. Start uploading videos to your channel regularly.

When you start to accumulate viewers and you start to build the number of subscribers to your channel, you can sign up to monetize your videos by allowing YouTube to display ads on your videos. The more views your videos get, the more money that you will earn from those who view or click on your video ads.

But getting viewers surely do take time on YouTube. Here are articles that will help you:

Offer A Video Related Service to Others

There are many people that want to start making money with videos, but they are incapable of creating professional quality videos for themselves. You can help these people to create high-quality videos for their projects on a freelance basis. In this way, you can accept their orders to create, edit, or even market videos and get paid for the services that you give them. Of course, you can also offer your video production service locally for special events, such as weddings and business conferences.

Create Video Tutorials

If you are a subject matter expert in a certain niche or topic, it’s a great idea for you to start creating training videos related to your niche. How-to and tutorial videos, help your audience learn more information about a subject they are interested in, as well as to solve their problems. For instance, if you are a fitness instructor, you can create video lessons about how to do exercises to lose weight, how to do exercises to gain muscle, how to do certain exercises correctly, etc.

Sell Your Stock Footage

Similar to stock photos, there are also online services that sell stock footage for commercial use. These stock videos and “b-roll” clips are usually used by commercial video producers to complete their projects. If you are able to create professional videos of interesting subjects, you can start selling your stock footage through those websites and make money with videos right away. Keep in mind that if you sell stock footage through these websites you will split revenue of all sales of your videos the service provider that hosts your stock footage; host the video, handle the transactions and market their website.

Affiliate Advertising and Selling Product

Another way to make money with videos is to create or acquire the rights to viral videos and then sell product placement or affiliate products through those videos. Viral videos are short pieces that people will enjoy watching and sharing. You can create inspiring, funny, controversial, or emotional videos and share them via your social media accounts hoping that your social connections will comment and share your videos among their friends and that they will share them with their friends, too – but that is the hard way; there’s no guarantee a video will go viral and you may make one hundred of them before watching a video caught on and spread like wildfire. Making Money With Your YouTube Videos and Affiliate Links

Why Doodle Maker

  • Unlimited Videos: No Limits!
  • Artificial Intelligence Video Maker
  • 300+ Ready-Made Video Templates
  • From Scratch Custom Video Editor
  • A.I. Video Translation Engine
  • Color & Black-and-White Doodles
  • Unlimited Video Renders
  • 5 Million Royalty-Free Images
  • Copyright-Free Music Library
  • Doodle Style Animations
  • 720P HD Videos
  • Step-By-Step Training
  • 1080P HD Videos
  • Up To 15 Minutes Video Length
  • Commercial License
  • Client-Getting Training

Create a Video Using Doodle Maker

In this tutorial, we will be using readymade templates to Create a Video Using Doodle Maker. Let’s start with a ready-made template. You can click on the new project from the template to see all the Ready-made templates and create your video inside.

Create a Video Using Doodle Maker

Using Ready-Made Templates in Doodle Maker

One of the things that makes it easy to Create a Video Using Doodle Maker is the availability of ready-made templates which you can use and edit out the branding to suit your purpose of creating a video or marketing strategy.

You can click on the whiteboard section to see the templates available. You can look at the glass board section right here to see the glass templates and glass of templates are basic templates.

Glassboard Templates are templates where the hand draws the images and text in the oppsite direction just it does while writing on a glass

There is both Male and Female section that allows you to define your category when creating your video, if you want to have the male templates, you can click on the Male section to View. If you want to have the female templates, you can click on the Female section to view them. But for the sake of this tutorial, we will click on All to see all of the templates.

If you want to find a template, what it can do is you can look at the top and you will see the search bar right there. You can search for templates right here. For example, if you want to use a dentist template, you can type in dentist and you will be able to see the whiteboard templates, the blackboard templates, and the glass templates for both male and female categories.

Let’s look at a template and you will be able to see the preview.

For example, you can click on Play and boom. This is the preview of this video. It is good. I will be choosing this one. Once you like a template, you can click on Choose button right here.

Using the Editor in Doodle Maker and Creating the Doodle Video

And this is the marvelous orator inside of Doodle Maker. Here we will be showing you everything so that you understand how easily you can create a video using Doodle Maker. First of all, Let’s cover this slide section. You can see it here.

Working with Slides

When you are trying to Create a Video Using Doodle Maker, you will definitely work with slides. The slide is common with all video editors out there. And Doodle Maker makes it easy to work with slides.

Here you can work with different slides. Slides are basically different scenes in your template. And what do we mean by different scenes is basically the different scenes that combine together to make your final doodle video, even if it’s blackboard, whiteboard, or glass board? So these different things combine together and these scenes have different images, texts, etc.

By default, you will be in scene one. Let’s pick on scene two and here you will be able to see all the images and text in Scene two or slide two. You can click on Slide three and you can view all of these slides like this. This project has five slides.

Now what if you want to for example, if you want to create a longer video, what can you do?

You can add more slides and you can add a total of 40 slides inside of Doodle Maker. So to add a new slide, use the plus icon. You can click on it to add a new slide and it will add a new slide. And this is the sixth slide that is added and you can add slides more slides by clicking on this plus icon.

If you want to Shorten the length of your video, you can delete some slides. And if you want to increase the length of the video and have more slides, you can add new slides.

Here’s how you can delete slides if you want to Shorten the length of your video. If you’re in any other slide, you will see this red delete icon right here, and then you will hold it. You will see the deleted slide.

It will ask, Are you sure? Yes. Click on this delete and your side will be deleted.

This is how you can work with slides and increase or decrease the total length of your video.

Adding the Script in Doodle Maker

Since you already have a template you’re using to Create a Video Using Doodle Maker, you can now add your script.

You can use the script as a guide to add images and text for a video.

Now, what is good is that you can have your own voice-over speaking the texts or you can use auto-generate voice inside of Doodle Maker to speak the script for you. So it is basically a voiceover over your Doodle video. You will be able to see the script once you Scroll down.

You can totally customize it as you want. You can click on the Edit Text button right here.

You can click on it and you will see three options. You will see the cancel option, save Text option, and rebuild option.

You can fully edit the text as you want. When you are done editing your script, you can click on the Save Text button and it will automatically be updated. And for example, if you have made accidental changes, then what you can do is you can click on the Cancel button.

Then your changes that you’ve been mistakenly they won’t be saved. And your script will be the same.

The Rebuild the scene button restores everything to default.

For example, if you add images and texts that you don’t want, you remember that you like the default ones. You can click on rebuild scenes and it will automatically happen. This is how you can use and customize your script inside of Doodle Maker.

Voice Over Option

There are three voice options inside of Doodle Maker and I’m sure that you are really licensed. The thing is that there is a lot of flexibility when you’re working with Doodle Maker.

So on the right-hand side, you can see the three options here. You can use the TTS, upload your own voice or record your own voice.

TTS Voice Option

What is the TTS voice? TTS voice is the auto-generated voice inside of Doodle Maker. So what it will do is whatever your script/text it will voice it out. You can also use the default one.

It will speak that script. You will be able to hear how the speaker, whatever you’re selected is speaking. Now let’s show you you can Select other voice options from here, for example, English, Australia and there are different accents. And if you choose some other language, you won’t be able to see the speakers in other languages. And that is really cool.

And there is the premium voices section. Also, premium voices are basically more realistic and more professional voices inside Doodle Maker and the 40. These voices are really good. If you wonder how you can get these voices, you can get yourself Doodle Maker and you will get these premium voices.

This is how you can choose any TTS. For example, Matthew from the voice list is a great option and we really like the way Matthew speaks. And once you’re selecting a speaker, it will automatically speak whatever is written in your script. So it automatically updates.

And you can choose any Speaker from here and it will auto speak whatever is written in your script. And this is one of the really cool features and it is recently released inside of Doodle Maker.

You can control the speed of the voice inside. For example, if you want a slow a Speaker for some reason, you will want to match the going duration: the time it takes to draw the images and text on your screen to match it.

Synchronized it with the text with the speaker, so you’ll have to have an equal amount of seconds. For example, if it takes five seconds for the drawing, then you need this Speaker to take five seconds to speak it.

Upload Voice Option

Next comes the upload voice option.

If you have a voiceover that you have done yourself, or if you have hired somebody on Fiverr. You can upload that voiceover. You can click on upload another voiceover. Also, if you want to load your own, you can click on the upload file.

Click on this and you can Select the voice-over that you have. It will upload and boom. It will be present inside in your slide. You can upload a voice for every slide.

Record Your Voice Option

Next comes the record of your voice.

Here, you can record yours always inside of Doodle Maker. You can just click on it and then you see a red outline besides this icon, and once you release it, your recorded audio will be seen here.

Advance Settings

Let’s come to the most exciting part. This works right here. You can do a lot of customizations for your canvas for the video that you are creating from this area.

Language Settings

Let me show you how you can change the language if you want to. If you have issues with English language and you want to change the language to something else, it will automatically translate it.

Maybe you want to do this for your client. You can do this. You can Scroll down in Doodle Maker and here you’ll see language. You can click on language and here you can see the 30 plus languages inside including Chinese, German, Russian languages.

You can click on the language that you want your script to be translated, and you can create videos in different languages. The auto-translate language will be checked by default and you want to keep it checked. When this action is set, it will automatically translate the English language, which you can see in the background to the language you chose. You choose any language that you want from here.

This is how you can use the language feature and you can create a video using Doodle Maker.

Library Section

Next, is the library section inside of Doodle Maker. When you’re creating your video, we can Scroll down and you will see this library section. You can click on this library icon and it will load all these different sessions. If you want to find out what is this section for is, for example, I can find it for what is jump Story icons.

Now you can use the libraries. You can even upload your own images. You can see the import image. You can click on it and once you have selected your image, for example, it will be uploaded and you will be able to use it inside of your video.

You can Resize the image icon you’ve uploaded, you can Select that and once you will be in the corners, you will see a diagonal arrow. You can click on it and Resize your image icon. Anything.

Position it and you can move things around in the canvas as you want. This is how you can use the library creatively. You can add a mix of black and white images, colors, and icons and do whatever you want using your own creativity.

Adding Text

Next, let’s show you how you can add text inside of Doodle Maker. You can click on the text and here you can select your font, the font size, and the text that you want to insert.

Once you’ve added the text, choose in your font. You can choose the size. Then, you can preview how your text goes with the font.

You can click on the preview button and you will be able to see the preview. Once you like it, you can click on the purple button called insert on you can click on it and it will be set. You can make it bigger and you can customize everything.

Hand Section

Next comes a hand and the hand section is really amazing. Here you can choose different Hand styles.

You can choose red hand style with the red clothes. You can use a different hand style. And once you have selected the hand style that you want, you can click on Update and it will automatically update.

Soundtrack Section

Next comes the soundtrack.

Soundtracks are banger music that you can use in your videos. You can click on soundtracks and here you can use this really creates syntax. And once you select a soundtrack, you can click on Update.

You can preview how some soundtrack looks by clicking on the play button. And if you like the soundtrack or the background music that will be running in the background of your doodle video, you can click on update and it will automatically update.

Background Section

Here you can switch between backgrounds. You can choose a white background, black background, custom color or you can choose to set use an image. Be careful when using an image. Your image color might conflict with your text. This is handing when you create a video using doodle maker

Watermark Section

Click on Watermark and here is how it works. You can upload your own logo. It will automatically be blurred and Boomer is explored.

Now, what is the purpose of this Watermark?

The Watermark. You can show your logo on every slide. It will automatically be in every side.

You can click on it and you can position it. And if you want your logo to be a little transparent, you can click on WaterMark and then what you can adjust opacity and you can see that as in conditioning opacity, the transparency is increasing.

Settings Section

And the last amazing thing is settings. What is the special thing inside the settings? You can rename your project.

And then you can click on update. Now you will be able to see the name of your project. This is really good. And this is how you can work with different slides, the cameras. You can move everything around, work with it, voices and everything.

And this is a tutorial of how you can use and create a video using Doodle Maker. And we hope you learned how to use the editor inside and how you can create your own amazing videos.

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