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Do you want to quickly and easily establish a magnificent, well-designed, and fully adjustable blog without any coding knowledge? The Astra theme is a free extension to a beginning template plugin that will assist you in quickly creating an excellent blog design. You may import templates, personalize your blog, and create an eye-catching blog design with the aid of Astra Theme. Let’s design a blog now

Blog design is very useful when you just start a blog or want to change how your blog looks after a while

Why not use a flexible lightweight theme that allows you to do precisely what you want instead of wasting time trying to locate a theme that is hard-coded to perform exactly what you need? You don’t need to know a single line of code!

That’s what the Astra theme and Elementor combination can do for your blog. And in this piece, you’ll discover exactly how to use these two free tools to establish a fantastic blog in under an hour.

So, are you all set? Do you want to create a beautiful blog design with a theme that is both versatile and lightweight? If you answered yes, Astra is the correct fit for you.

Let’s get this party started….

How This Powerful Duo Can Assist You in Building Your Blog

We all understand what a blog is, so here’s how to use Astra and Elementor to create a beautiful, totally configurable blog:

  • The Astra theme, along with the free Starter Templates plugin, serves as a versatile basis for your blog, allowing you to swiftly import templates and personalize them with simple, code-free controls.
  • Elementor is a free page builder that allows you to construct and change your blog’s basic pages using drag-and-drop editing without needing to know any coding.

The only thing you’ll need to get started is a fresh copy of WordPress; everything else is taken care of by these two programs.

It’s time to start working on your blog…

How to Design a Blog Using Astra

For two key reasons, Astra is an excellent foundation for your blog:

  • It uses the easy, code-free WordPress Customizer to provide you a beginner-friendly way to alter the look of your blog.
  • It’s well-coded and light, so your blog will load quickly and there won’t be any errors or glitches.
The Astra Theme and Starter Templates Plugin should be installed.

Newbies, developers, and professional bloggers will benefit from the Astra theme. It will not only assist you in laying a solid basis for your blog, but its simple, code-free, and user-friendly design will also assist you in quickly and easily creating a great site. Furthermore, using the Astra theme is never a regret; it is lightweight and well-coded. So, loading and bugs will no longer be an issue; all you need now is the Astra theme.

Most notably, it is a freemium theme; you may use the free version, and then pay to the pro version if you want more features.

Are you still undecided about whether or not to use the Astra theme?

So, without further ado, let’s install the Astra theme and the starter templates plugin that comes with it.

  • Go to the WordPress Dashboard and look for both extensions on
  • Install the Astra theme by clicking on it.
  • Install now by clicking the button. Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Gutenburg templates are included in the Astra starter sites.

You need to also install a Plugin called Starter Templates plugin

Install Astra Theme
Install Astra Stater Site Plugin

Part 2: Open one of the starter templates and import it.

You’re ready to import your blog design now that you’ve installed the Astra theme and the Astra Starter templates plugin!*

In your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance Astra Options Starter Templates to do so.

Then, make sure to choose Elementor as your page builder:

Start Site Templates

Then you’ll get a list of all the beginning templates you can use. Some Premium templates require the Astra Essential Bundle or Growth Bundle. You can use the “Free” tab instead if you don’t want to see these.

Simply click on any template to have a short preview:

Click on a design you prefer once you’ve found it (we’re using the Coach beginning site for this example). Then, on the live preview, select Import Site to begin the import process.

After the process is complete, you can view your site by clicking the button once again.

*You may always create your blog from scratch using the Customizer controls in the next section; the Starter Templates simply save you time and provide you with a great-looking design straight immediately.

Use the WordPress Customizer to make changes to your blog.

After you’ve imported your demo site, you’re ready to start customizing your blog.

You may accomplish this by utilizing the Astra theme’s comprehensive Customizer options. These allow you to control the following without needing to know any code:

  • Your blog’s color scheme
  • What is the appearance of your blog article layout?
  • Which typefaces should you use on your blog?
  • There’s a lot more

In this help page, you can learn more about the various Customizer controls.

Go to Appearance → Customize on your WordPress dashboard to use the Customizer.

This section is similar to a sandbox in that no changes you make are visible until you click Publish. So go ahead and experiment – you’ll see a live preview of your changes as you make them, and you can’t break anything!

The following are some areas that are particularly worth your time:

  • Colors & Background – You can change the colors of various elements of your blog using this option.
  • Layout – This allows you to customize the appearance of your blog’s content as well as other aspects of its design.
  • Typography allows you to change the typeface and font size for different portions of your blog.

The Astra theme customizer choices will allow you to change the colors of your blog, select fonts, and change the layout, among other things.

So, are you all set to personalize our blog post?

Go To Appearance> Customize> Blog

You will now be given two choices: blog/archive or single post.

Blog Archive

A blog archive is a collection of entries that have been put together to promote your work, offer product information, and publish product updates in an engaging manner. As a result, the Astra theme provides four standard-setting options to design your blog archive page: blog post content, blog post structure, blog Meta, and blog content width.

Blog Post Content

The written information or written content of a blog is referred to as blog post content. As a result, you can manage the content of your blog posts as full content or excerpt material.

Blog Post Structure

The whole write-up/content is accessible to the archive page when the full content option is selected. The excerpt content, on the other hand, just shows a small portion of the information. For a free Astra theme modify option, the default length of the excerpt text is 55 words. The pro edition of Astra, on the other hand, gives you complete control over the word count.

The featured image, title, and blog Meta of your blog post can all be adjusted using the blog post structure option.

Users of the Astra theme can additionally disable or hide the featured picture and blog Meta settings. The blog Meta option will disappear after you conceal them or turn off the title. As a result, be cautious when personalizing your blog post. Because blog Meta is a necessary and significant component of your blog, deactivating it is not the best option.

Blog Meta

A blog’s meta description is a brief summary of the blog or content you’ve created. The reader is always curious to learn this additional information because it will help them judge whether or not the information in the blog is worth their time.

So, enable the option and personalize the blog Meta with its customization choices, which include the number of comments received, the post and author, the publish date, and tags.

Blog content width

The Astra theme also allows users to choose the width of their blog content. You can change the content width by leaving it at the default setting or changing it to fit your style. If you select the customize option, you may choose from a scale range of 0-500 to tailor the width of your blog.

Typography settings

The most fascinating aspect of customizing is typography. This setting option allows you to customize the title of your archive and posts according to your preferences. Choose a font, color, and style that will transform your blog into a professional-looking design in no time.

You don’t need any effort, coding experience, or expert assistance; all you need is the Astra theme to build a gorgeous blog design.

Now, if you wish to customize a single post or a single blog topic, you may do so with ease using the Astra theme.

Single Post

You can alter the width, structure, and Meta of your blog post inside a single article. You can either leave the content width at its default setting or change it to suit your needs.

You can add feature photos, titles, and blog meta to the structure option. You can customize comments, category, author, publish date, and tag under the Meta option. You can enable/disable the feature by just clicking on the eye symbol.

Part 1: Customizing and Editing Your Core Pages With Elementor

Astra allows you to make a variety of changes to the style and look of your blog. However, the Elementor page builder is used to create all of your blog’s basic pages, such as the homepage, about, and so on.

You can use the drag-and-drop Elementor interface to alter these pages. When you’re editing one of these pages, simply select Edit with Elementor from the drop-down menu:

These Elementor 101 videos ( a Youtube Playlist Channel) are a wonderful place to start if you need help using Elementor to alter your blog’s pages.

There’s More to Astra and Elementor’s Pro Versions

Both Astra and Elementor have pro versions that give additional capability if you ever need it.

When it comes to creating your blog, this feature gives you even more power and flexibility. For instance, with Astra Pro, you will receive:

  • More control over blog layouts — you may set up a grid layout for your blog entries, which is particularly useful if you utilize eye-catching featured photos.
  • Deeper color and typography options – have even more precise control over the colors and typography of your blog.
  • Get more control over where your blog’s navigation menu displays and how it performs with a sticky and transparent header.
  • Create great-looking page title areas with breadcrumbs, meta information, and other options in Page Headers.
  • Improve the user experience of your site by allowing users to swiftly scroll back to the top.
  • You can remove all Astra branding and replace it with your own if you’re constructing a blog for someone else.

In addition, if you buy Elementor Pro, you’ll gain new widgets that let you display your blog articles in your Elementor designs, as well as a slew of other useful features:

Create a blog using Elementor and Astra!

When you build a blog using Astra and Elementor, you have the ability to completely personalize it without knowing any coding.

You may create your ideal blog with simple controls and drag-and-drop editing. Your blog will not only look fantastic, but it will also perform well, thanks to Astra’s optimization for speed.

We’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


The Astra theme is a free, quick, and light-weighted theme on the market. It will not only assist you in creating a beautiful blog fast and easily, but also in creating a website. The Astra theme allows you to customize the look of your blog articles and archive pages. It has a vast range of modification options; you can customize the content, width, Meta, and typeface to your liking. It’s now much easier to style blogs and archive pages. All you need is Astra Theme, and your work will be seamlessly integrated in minutes. Astra is a free theme, however you may upgrade to the premium version if you want to add glitter to your posts. Additional customization options are available through Astra Pro, which are not just worthwhile but also cost effective.

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