HostGator Review: Quality Web Host with Speed in 2022?

hostgator review
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HostGator is one of the most popular web providers in the market, hosting over 10 million domains. It’s a wise choice for every website owner, with a 1-click WordPress installation, 99.9% uptime guarantee, and 24/7 support. They are the best web hosting for businesses, in our opinion. They’re giving our readers a special 62 percent discount, as well as a free domain name and SSL certificate.


  • Install WordPress with a single click on a free domain
  • Free SSL Certificate & Web Application Firewall
  • Tools for Simple Staging
  • Website migration is completely free.
  • Money-back guarantee for 90 days


  • There is no monthly option available.
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HostGator Review

HostGator is one of the world’s largest and most well-known hosting firms. They provide shared hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, and managed WordPress hosting.

Find out if HostGator is the correct fit for you by reading our in-depth HostGator review.

HostGator Review

In this comprehensive HostGator review, we’ll put their promises to the test. The following are the areas we’ll investigate:

  • Will your website be operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without any downtime?
  • What is the speed at which your website will load on HostGator? To investigate, we’ll do our own performance testing.
  • Customer Service: Is it possible to rely on their customer service? Will you be able to receive help quickly if you need it?
  • Features: Can you quickly develop and manage your website with their features?
  • Do they have the most competitive price in the industry? Are there any HostGator coupons that you can use to save money?
Hosting FeaturesScore
Performance gradeA
Average load time1.03 s
Average response time143.4 ms
Free domainYes
Free SSLYes
1-click WordPressYes
SupportPhone / Live Chat / Knowledge base

Bottom line: Don’t want to bother with the details? In conclusion, we discovered HostGator to be a dependable and customer-friendly hosting provider. Their customer service is among the best in the industry, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As a result, HostGator has been listed as one of the finest WordPress hosting companies.

Let’s get started with the more technical aspects of our HostGator hosting review. This will assist you in determining whether HostGator is appropriate for your website.

HostGator Short Bio

HostGator is a web hosting company based in the United States.
HostGator was started in 2002 and has quickly grown to become one of the world’s largest hosting providers. Their rapid success can be attributed to their excellent shared hosting plans, dependable web hosting, and excellent customer support.

Its headquarters are now in Houston, Texas, and it hosts more than 10 million domains. They employ over 850 people who provide round-the-clock support to businesses of all sizes.

It is a part of the Endurance International Group and provides a wide range of web hosting services to a large global clientele.

Pros and Cons of HostGator

Each hosting provider, like any other product or service, has advantages and disadvantages. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of HostGator that we discovered.

  • Hosting that is dependable: HostGator assures a 99.99 percent uptime. If your downtime is less than that, you will receive a one-month credit on your bill.
  • Money-back guarantee: HostGator offers a generous 45-day money-back guarantee. In most cases, web hosting companies do not provide a money-back guarantee after the first 30 days.
  • You have the option of choosing between monthly and yearly billing periods. Longer billing periods will result in the greatest savings.
  • Free migration: All new accounts at HostGator come with a free migration service. During the first 30 days after joining up, their skilled team will migrate your website from your previous host at no additional cost.
  • Increased monthly fees Monthly plans are more expensive than annual plans. You may save money with HostGator by signing up for annual plans, which come with a 45-day money-back guarantee.
  • Upselling aggressively: Additional services, such as automated backups and sophisticated functionality, may be available. If you don’t need them straight now, make sure they’re unchecked. You can always include them later if necessary.

HostGator Performance

What would you do if you signed up for a hosting service only to discover that your website is extremely slow and frequently disappears? You’d have to change providers, which would cost you more money and cause you more stress.

That is why you should go with a web hosting company that is consistently speedy and has a good track record. But how would you obtain this data?

We decided to run our own tests to see how HostGator performed. Let’s see how well that worked out.

HostGator Speed Test Results

Speed is the most significant performance indicator. Your users will appreciate a speedier website, and it will also assist your SEO rankings.

In fact, studies show that a one-second delay in page load costs you 7% fewer conversions, 11% fewer page views, and a 16% loss in user satisfaction.

We built a test site to see how quick HostGator actually is for our in-depth HostGator review.

The default theme was used on our test site, which was powered by WordPress. We also imported dummy content, including photos, for theme development.

After that, we ran the tests using the Pingdom website speed testing tool. The following are the outcomes:

Our test site loaded in 1.03 seconds, which is excellent.

However, because this is a brand-new website with virtually no traffic, a speed test is not the ideal way to assess its performance. We wanted to evaluate how it would operate in high-traffic situations.

To do so, we used a program named K6 (formerly LoadImpact). We utilized it to send virtual users to a website, gradually increasing the number of users on the site until it reached 100 people all at once.

The following graph depicts the outcome:

The page load time is shown by the blue line in the graph, while the number of users is represented by the green line. Our test site, as you can see, performed admirably throughout the test, with an average response time of 203 milliseconds.

These are extremely impressive results for a shared hosting account.

Uptime Test by HostGator

Another noteworthy feature is that our test site did not experience any downtime during the test.

Server Response Time at HostGator

The content of your website has a major impact on the time it takes for a page to load. If your website includes a lot of images, for example, the page load time will be longer.

This has an impact on the speed test results for your server. We wanted to see how quickly the HostGator server reacts in real-time.

To do so, we used a program named Bitcatcha. It differs from other website performance assessment tools in how it operates. It merely tests the server’s response time rather than loading the content.

The following is how HostGator fared in these tests:

The performance of our HostGator review site was excellent. The response time of the server remained under a second. It took only 26 milliseconds in the United States.

This signifies that your site will load rapidly all around the world.

Plans and Features of HostGator Hosting

HostGator provides a number of hosting options. Shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated hosting are all available. They also provide hosting for Joomla and Magento, as well as other website builders and app platforms.

However, their primary service is shared WordPress hosting, which is where the majority of customers start.

Let’s take a look at the HostGator plans available.

HostGators’ Shared Hosting Plans

HostGator’s shared hosting plans are divided into three categories. Under the terms of service, all subscriptions include unlimited storage and bandwidth. The most significant distinction is the number of websites you can host.

  • Hatchling: With the Hatchling plan, you can only host one website. It comes with a standard set of features and includes a one-click WordPress installer.
  • Baby: With the Baby plan, you can host an infinite number of domains and subdomains. It has all of the Hatchling plan’s features plus the ability to use addons like private SSL.
  • Business: This theme is appropriate for small business websites. This package comes with an infinite number of websites, emails, a dedicated IP address, and SEO tools, and it’s ideal for launching an eCommerce site.

They also offer Gator website builder, which is a fully hosted website builder, in addition to shared web hosting options. VPS hosting and dedicated hosting with Linux and Windows servers are among the other services available.

Their VPS options provide excellent value for money, however, their shared cloud hosting package is pricey.

Features of the HostGator Hosting Plan

Another thing to consider is the features that come standard with each hosting plan. The following is a list of what is included in each of HostGator’s hosting plans.

  • Install WordPress with a single click using the 1-Click Installer.
  • SSL Certificate for Free
  • Control panel that is simple to utilize To administer hosting services, use the cPanel dashboard.
  • Email accounts that are completely free
  • Customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days
  • Guaranteed uptime of 99.9%
  • You may host several websites and domain names under the same one account with the Baby and Business hosting choices.

In terms of security, you can use Cloudflare’s free CDN caching to safeguard your WordPress site from viruses and assaults. Cloudflare’s free website CDN gives you a performance boost as well.

You’ll be given the option to purchase the CodeGuard and SiteLock addons during the checkout process. Most novices won’t require them right away, so skip them and add them later if necessary.

Customer Service & Support at HostGator

HostGator has one of the greatest customer support departments in the business. Customers can contact the support team via phone, live chat, and ticket-based email help at any time.

Their help portal can be found in your hosting dashboard. This gateway allows you to search a knowledge base of hundreds of articles and video lessons for rapid answers.

The majority of HostGator clients are pleased with the level of service they receive. We use HostGator for a few of our smaller websites and have found their support to be adequate.

Is HostGator the Right Hosting Company for You?

You’re probably wondering if HostGator is right for you now that you’ve read our in-depth HostGator review.

HostGator has a wide range of hosting options to suit all budgets and needs. They provide you with all of the user-friendly tools you’ll need to create a website.

HostGator has already gained the trust of over 2 million consumers. Whether you’re an experienced Internet veteran or just getting started with your first website, you’ll discover all the tools you need to take it to the next level.

Are you ready to start using HostGator? Choose your HostGator plan today by clicking here.

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