How to make $1000 a Month With Your Smart Phone

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If you’ve been struggling to look for a way out of poverty, then I believe this business model is for you, and it is what you truly need. As an experienced person who has been through all forms of poverty and walked around in shame and debt, I know what it means to be poor. I’ve lived from hand to mouth. I was teaching in a private school where I was overworked but underpaid, indeed, I was just an angry poor man.

This is the story of an average young man. The peer pressure, the unnecessary anger, the negative emotion, and the incompetence that poverty makes you become are just too much. Poverty makes one’s wisdom useless, poverty makes one look lazy and useless. Poverty makes it look like village people is manipulating one’s destiny. As my Pastor often says, Demons don’t go to school, but they can torment a professor. So also is poverty, it can make one’s intellect sound foolish. Poverty will even make one have body odor.

But my story changed when my church invited a resource person by the name of Doyin. She came into the church and thought us how to make money on a different scale. She even used bible passages to buttress her point, and her biblical reference was not out of context of the whole chapter of the bible verse she mentioned…that changed the entire story of my life. When I met Doyin who was making over 800k every week, at first I thought it is impossible or she was into fraud. After she was done talking, I booked a session with her in our Pastor’s office and she showed me over 10 ways to make money online with or without my laptop. That all I need is just my smartphone and the laptop is just a plus.

She introduced me to affiliate marketing, drop-shipping, creating an online course, Amazon-KDP, Print-On-Demand (Merch Business), etc…all of which I am doing now. She asked me to make a sacrifice of 70,000 which was very big money for me at then since my salary was 25,000. She was not going to take the money from me though, but to access a platform that will teach me everything I now know today. And I am glad I did

Dearly beloved, that was how God changed my life. I now run two websites where I do my affiliate marketing, recommending digital products to small businesses and individuals. These websites make me earn over 20,000 dollars every month. That is more than I need, and since I am someone whose life principle is centered around 1Tim 6:6, I live a simple and contented life.

In case you are wondering what the name of these websites is, they are:

  1. Blog For Small Biz
  2. Elite Biz Tools

Just like the name, you can see that both of them focus on a business niche. I own and run both websites all by myself.

Some of the products I recommend that are paying me very high are Hostinger, Getresponse, Sproutsocial, MissingLetters, TailwindApp, LearnWorld, etc.

These are the top paying companies that pay me money anytime somebody buys through me which is easy to do for me.

I hear a lot of people saying all forms of things about Affiliate Marketing and I don’t upload my earnings or something I enjoy my quiet life as it is. The funny part of it is that I don’t even put it in my bio that I am an affiliate marketer.

I recently asked HubSpot and skillshare to share their affiliate marketing department email because they rejected my application to be their affiliate via a platform they use, so I want to message them directly myself.

People of God, affiliate marketing is real and it’s taking people out of trenches, just like it did for me.

Do you want to learn affiliate marketing and make over 500k/month even as a beginner?

It is not going to be for free… of course, it is not free.

What will you get when you buy this course? You will get:

  • Access to a platform that will over 70 digital products to sell as an affiliate
  • Access to the weekly webinar, where you learn from experts in this field and how they do what they do to be successful
  • How to setup Facebook Advert, Youtube Advert, Google Advert, Instagram Advert, LinkedIn Advert, Twitter Advert, etc
  • How to turn your Whatsapp into a Money Making App.
  • In-depth Training
  • Quality Teacher
  • Supportive community
  • Ongoing Support
  • Webpage Builder & Pre-designed Templates
  • Email Marketing Templates
  • Access to the FB 72IG Support Group
  • 50% Commission on the 72IG Implementation Program
  • 2 in 1 Exclusive Bonus

So, the question is, how do you access this awesome benefit that has taken poverty out of my life, will take you out of the trenches, and teach me the art of making money online without stress and any other difficulty?

With just ₦62,500, you can have access to this powerful course that will take you far away from being financially poor.

To access this course now, click the button below.

Get Started with Affiliate Marketing Now!

This is the course that changed everything about me. From nothing to something, from lack to abundance. I paid off a debt of over 600k within one month because I took the action that saved me from poverty. You too can have similar testimony like mine if only you are ready. The funny part is that there’s also mentorship for this course.

I can’t afford that, that money is too much for me

While that might be pricey for quite a number of people, let me also introduce to you something that changed my life. You see, at first, I also can’t make ends meet, let alone afford a course that’s worth ₦62,500. But I started from somewhere. I started with something called AMAZON KDP. A business model that taught me how to publish books on amazon without writing books because there’s an AI (Artificial Intelligence) that will help me out with that.

Now, What is AMAZON KDP?

Kindle Direct Publishing, or KDP, is Amazon’s self-publishing platform that allows authors to sell their books to Amazon’s massive audience—without the hassle of going through a traditional publishing company. With KDP, authors can create ebooks and paperback books, all without any upfront costs or inventory orders.

I started with this business model and within 50 days, that’s about 2 months, I have already made a whooping sum of $600 (amazon pay in $$ since it’s an American country), and you can do this business model irrespective of your location. You don’t need VPN or lie about who you are to make money on Amazon. You don’t need to falsify some information about who you are or try to act like you are from a western country. This is even small. During that time, I am yet to implement the whole thing that’s been taught. I only took about 45% of what I learned and used it to test run the waters, then I logged in back to my amazon account after 5 weeks, that was when I saw I have made a whooping sum of $600 in my account. I was very amazed. 

It is this money I used to start my affiliate marketing journey. I learn how to publish books without writing any book.

I already have people who are my students and are making lots of money from this. Here is their financial testimonies in the picture:

The question you might be asking is “How we I withdraw the money…lolz…no worries dear. You will also learn how to withdraw your money directly into your local bank account.

Are you ready to get yourself and your family out of the trenches? Click the button below:

Get Started with Amazon KDP Now!


In case you want to reach out to me and get your questions answered, use the form below. But please, I only want serious individuals to use the form. This is not for everyone. I only invest my time in progressive things and people. After you fill out the form, I will reach out to you myself. Thanks. See you on the other side filled with riches, wealth, and great things.

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Ryan Biddulph

I am using my phone to blog as much as ever Adekunle. Your excellent tutorial combined with simple access to phones makes for a winning combo if entrepreneurs desire to really work, to be patient and to see the journey through.

Blog For SmallBiz
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