Importance of Blogging for Business

Blogging for Business
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So you want to start blogging for business to promote your small business or your new employer? This post highlights the importance of blogging for business

What is Blogging?

Blogging is an act of making entry into a weblog. The entry can be in form of Written Content, Graphics, Infographics, Videos, etc. And when we talk about Blogs, it is a type of online diary that someone makes available to other people on the internet. It is a very popular way to communicate one’s personal details without any social interaction. So, why blogging for business?

One of the current big things is the existence of blogging in our generation these days. Many blogs have moved from just being an archive of information for common geeks to being a major business on the internet. Many online business tycoons started so little but now, they are the major player.

So why should businesses or companies have a blog? There are several reasons why companies should blog. A lot of businesses and companies miss out on the blogosphere because they pay no attention to it.

Most companies look down on blogging which supposes not to b so, they thought blogging is only meant for last chain earners or folks who have nothing to do with their time and money, but over time, we have seen bloggers earning eight (8) figures into their account at the end of the month. ProBlogger is a typical example.

  • More Traffic: Blogging has a way of pulling traffic to your business website. Since blogging is about giving out information, and what people look for on the internet is information, then giving relevant information can help direct the audience to your website, hence you can get potential customers. Search engines love valuable content and will reward you for it
  • Connecting: A blog is simple, helps to connect with and to share timely and relevant information with customers. It’s your direct communication channel.
  • 60% of businesses who blog acquire more customers, according to a HubSpot survey.
  • Traffic can Turn to Leads: When you give the right information to people, then your business can have another sale of your products or services that you offer. People will order for whatever your business offer because you don’t just sell but instead you also care about what they want.
  • Become Authority: You can become authority through your blog post. Companies like Payoneer also use this method to teach about their services. Even Fiverr also use this method to help out about how to go about selling your gig especially if you are a newbie
  • Long-term Result: If what you post on your blogsite is evergreen, then you can know that even the future speaks for itself. You won’t just get more customers to your blog site, the more your post rank higher in the future, you will get more leads as traffic flows in
  • Increase SEO/SERP: You also rank higher in your keyword target as you write more posts for your blog site. Perfect writing skills for your post content makes search engine get you to the first page given the test of time. So, blog in your business…don’t play down the power of blog for your business
  • Insight into your Audience: Blog analytics allow you to track readers, click-throughs, popular topics, shares, and comments. You can even tell what day of the week your visitors prefer to stop by.
  • Tell Story: You can tell your brand’s story. A blog is a great place to offer more insight into your company, philosophy, employees, and ideas. Tell your customers why you’re in business and how you can help them.
  • Position Your Brand as Industry Leader: Blogging also turn your business to be the authority voice in your niche or industry. Few industry blog, your company can stand out as the master of all with the power of blogging.

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Other Reasons Why Business Should Blog

You don’t have to be a professional designer. Many blogging platforms like WordPress and Hubspot are people-friendly and don’t require advanced graphic skills. Your blog is the heart of all of your content marketing efforts. It’s fodder for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email newsletters, e-books, etc. It gives your company a voice.

A blog creates a place to talk about new products or services, comment on timely news topics or market trends, and share company initiatives beyond your website. It’s also the place to let your brand’s personality shine and show people what you’re all about. Writing a blog shares your expertise. 

How else will you position yourself as a subject area expert and thought leader? A blog creates a two-way conversation with customers, prospects, and industry peers. It encourages interaction, comments, and feedback. Make sure you reply to all comments! It can be fun. Blogging can be energizing, stimulating, and something you look forward to.

Blog writing makes you think… about newsworthy topics, your industry, your customers, and the world around you. A blog keeps you focused on your content marketing strategy. You must create a schedule and stick to it to continuously deliver purposeful content. It creates free PR. 

Business bloggers are often interviewed by journalists as industry experts. Get some press! A blog builds confidence, relationships, and sales. Customers will look to you as a reliable resource for information on your industry; then come to you to buy.

Blogging sharpens your business focus. To create a blogging strategy, you must define who you are blogging for and why. A blog with no focus attracts no readers.

Helps you stay ahead of the curve. You have to stay on top of news, trends, and competitors to be a successful blogger. It helps you be a leader, not a follower.

  1. Blogs are cost-effective marketing investments. Every post you publish is a long-term asset that helps build brand awareness and promote your expertise, products, and services.
  2. Blogging is inspiring. You’ll start to see ideas all around you…talking with friends and colleagues, watching movies, reading, and just walking down the street.
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