iPage Review: Most Affordable web hosting in 2022?.

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iPage, which was founded in 1998 and today powers over 1 million websites, is a well-known name in WordPress hosting. iPage is a great place to start because it offers 24/7 support, 99.9% uptime, and 1-click WordPress installation. You get a free drag-and-drop website builder, as well as a free security package and everything else you need to create a great website. As a result, iPage is the most cost-effective web hosting company on our list.


  • Install WordPress with a single click on a free domain
  • Free SSL Certificate & Web Application Firewall
  • Tools for Simple Staging
  • Website migration is completely free.
  • Money-back guarantee for 90 days


  • There is no monthly option available.
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For budget-conscious website owners, iPage makes web hosting simple. Their simple WordPress hosting plans are jam-packed with tools to help you build your business. Check out our in-depth iPage review to see if it’s the best fit for you.

For all types of websites, iPage offers feature-rich hosting services. If you’re just getting started, their shared plans might be a good fit for you.

We’ll go over their promises and put their hosting to the test in our comprehensive iPage review. These are the areas we’ll investigate:

  • Will your website be available to users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with no downtime?
  • iPage performance: How quickly will your page load?
  • Customer Service: Is it possible to rely on their customer service?
  • Is iPage equipped with all of the tools and features you’ll need to create your website?
  • Do they have the most competitive price in the industry? Are there any iPage coupons that you can use to save money?

Conclusion: Do you want to skip the nitty-gritty? Let’s take a look at a summary of the review. iPage proved to be a quick, dependable, and customer-friendly hosting provider.

As a result, we’ve chosen iPage as one of the top WordPress hosting providers.

Let’s take a look at our in-depth iPage review so you can see for yourself how we came to that conclusion.

iPage Short Bio

iPage began operations in 1998 and has steadily progressed to become one of the leading web hosting businesses. It now powers over one million websites and is a well-known WordPress hosting service.

iPage Review

Pros and Cons of iPage

You should thoroughly consider the advantages and disadvantages of each web host before deciding on one for your website. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of iPage that we discovered:


Let’s start with the advantages that make iPage the best option.

  • Low-cost plans: iPage offers some of the industry’s most affordable shared hosting options, making it ideal for beginners, personal websites, and small enterprises.
  • Customer-friendly: iPage provides a variety of tools and services that make it simple for clients to create webpages and expand their businesses.
  • You’ll also receive $500 in extras, like free Google AdWords and Bing credits, a free YP.com page, and Site Analytics Suite.
  • All plans come with 1-click WordPress installation, as well as unlimited databases, email addresses, storage, and bandwidth.


There are certain drawbacks to using iPage, and here are a couple to think about.

  • iPage does not support cPanel, the most widely used web hosting control panel utilized by the majority of hosting businesses. If you’re used to cPanel, you could have some trouble finding your way around.
  • Monthly Billing: None of iPage’s shared hosting plans allow for monthly billing. You’ll have to upgrade to a VPS, WordPress hosting, or Dedicated hosting plan if you need monthly payment.

Performance of iPage

Finding a better hosting business is all about striking the right price-performance balance. You don’t want to be stuck with low-cost hosting that performs poorly.

As a result, we decided to conduct our own tests in order to accurately assess the effectiveness of iPage hosting.

Results of the iPage Speed Test

The most crucial sign of a high-quality hosting service is speed. Slower websites are disliked by everyone, including search engines, which penalize them and reward quicker sites with higher rankings.

According to studies, a single second delay in page load can result in an 11% drop in conversion and a 7% drop in page visits. Users do not want to wait for a website to load when another is only a few clicks away.

Your web hosting is the most critical factor in the speed of your website. If your host is slow, your website’s page load speed will always be below average, no matter what you do.

That’s why we decided to perform a speed test on iPage by developing our own test site.

The Twenty Seventeen theme was utilized on our test site, which was powered by WordPress. Dummy content, including images, was also imported.

After that, we ran our tests using the Pingdom website speed testing tool. The following is a screenshot of the results:

Our website loaded in less than 3 seconds, according to Pingdom, and was faster than 60% of the websites evaluated.

We also wanted to see how iPage dealt with traffic spikes.

We utilized a program called LoadImpact to accomplish this. It gradually sends up to 100 users to a website and logs the time it takes for each page to load.

The results are shown in the graph below:

The page load time is shown by the green line in the graph, while the number of users is represented by the blue line.

As you can see, when there were around 50 users on the site, our test site became a little slow. It remained constant after that, despite the fact that the number of users continued to rise.

Because you share resources with other accounts on the same server, this is ideal for a shared hosting server. Those sites may experience traffic surges at the same time as you.

The good news is that during the test, iPage remained stable and responsive.

Time it takes for an iPage server to respond

As you may be aware, the content on your website has an impact on its page load time. If a page includes a lot of photos, for example, it will take a long time to load.

This also means that a standard speed test won’t truly reflect how quickly a server responds.

Another tool named Bitcatcha was used to test this. It differs from other website performance testing software.

It ignores the content and records the server response time instead of measuring the complete page load time. It repeats this process from several locations throughout the world to obtain average results.

In the screenshot below, you can observe the iPage server response time results:

With the exception of Japan, our test site responded in less than a second for all locales. If your target audience is primarily from Japan, you should look for a server that is located in that country.

In most regions of the world, these tests suggest that iPage is relatively fast and dependable.

Plans and Features of iPage Hosting

The shared hosting options from iPage are especially appealing to beginners and new websites. They do, however, provide VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated servers, and other services.

It’s good to know that you may upgrade your hosting plan as your website grows, even if you start with a shared plan.

  • Shared hosting: For new websites with little traffic, shared hosting is the best option. Your website will share server resources with other websites hosted on the same server if you choose shared hosting.
  • WordPress hosting: These plans are geared for WordPress-powered websites, similar to shared hosting plans.
  • VPS hosting: A step up from shared hosting, VPS hosting allows you to pool resources across numerous servers in a cloud environment. This provides more room for your website to expand.
  • Dedicated hosting refers to a server that is solely dedicated to your hosting needs. Dedicated hosting provides you with a lot of power and performance. It is appropriate for high-traffic websites as well as small, medium, and big organizations. The disadvantage is that you will be responsible for managing the server yourself.

For starting websites and small enterprises, iPage’s shared hosting plan is the most appealing alternative. It is one of the most affordable shared hosting plans available, and it includes a comprehensive collection of features.

iPage Customer Service & Support

We all need assistance from time to time, and it’s nice to know that you can receive it quickly when you need it.

iPage provides phone, live chat, and email assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They feature a substantial knowledge library with articles, lessons, videos, and guides in addition to direct assistance.

We contacted their support team via live chat several times for our iPage review and asked them hard queries. Customer service was knowledgable, courteous, and eager to assist us.

We also sent them a couple support emails, and each time we received a response within a few hours.

In general, we found their customer service to be prompt and helpful.

Is iPage the Best Option for You?

You might be wondering if iPage is the appropriate choice for your website after reading all of this information.

One of the most affordable shared hosting options is provided by iPage. If you’re just getting started with your website and have a limited budget, iPage can be a terrific place to start.

They provide all of the tools you’ll need to create your website, as well as dependable and fast servers.

Are you ready to start building your website using iPage? To choose your iPage plan, go here.

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