Create, Build, and Launch (CBL)

Steps to launch a Profitable online course without Feeling Overwhelmed.

What This Course Is All About

If you have been looking for a legit way to make money while you sleep with your skill even when you are not working, this course is for you. With it, you will be able to make 7 figures in one month.

Make Your Skill fetch You Money While Sleeping

This is not a get rich quick scheme, and you won’t learn any fraudulent money making tips. What you will learn is how to make your skill, knowledge and experience pay you money even when you are not working

Ademiluyi Adegboyega
Course Developer/Host
CLP Program

Stop Struggling

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

If you have ever thought about creating an online course based on your knowledge, then I would say you are on the right path to having your own profitable course that would sell.

One of the major problems that lots of people have when looking to create their own online course is that they never get to complete it and launch as at when its to be done.

Have you ever been in that position?

You have a vital information based on your skills or experience and know people
will want to pay for it.

But you just can’t happen to complete it to launch.

It’s normal to feel this way.

You have to create the outlines

You have to create the modules

You have to create the sales copy and promotions

You have to make sure that the content is highly valued with a lot of work
that has to go into creating that perfect course.

Well, the good news is that this: 3 phase process is something you can use right now if you are looking to launch your online course.

And it’s also one of the strategies being taught inside the CBL university program I would like you to take a look at.

So what are these 3 steps?

1. Presell your course using a free approach that gets people in.

2. Create your course content and how it will be delivered.

3. Deliver to the people that bought during your pre-launch and use that to launch your course.

Once you can follow this.

You will always be on your toes because you have already got a few members that have bought into your course.

And you would be forced to want to deliver it to your members as soon as possible.

Is this something you would want to learn more about in detail as to how you can implement this?

Then I would like to invite you to watch this free training on how you can Create, Build and Launch (CBL) your very own N500K PER month business via your very own online course.

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