7 Free Visual Content Creation Tools for Your Website

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Opt-in offers, product photographs, personal brand headshots, social network postings… images are everywhere. Here are Visual Content Creation Tools for your website.

So, without spending hours learning to be a professional designer, how can you save time and money developing and optimizing your images?

Of course, by cheating!

These 7 free online image tools will help you create great photographs to promote your brand, product, or blog without breaking the bank.

You may use them right away to improve your productivity and create professional, appealing photographs for your audience.

7 Free Visual Content Creation Tools For Website


Photoshop is a fantastic application. Its name has become synonymous with digital image manipulation and enhancement.

What is less wonderful is the $250 USD price tag, which is only valid for one year.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was an online version of Photoshop with most of the same capabilities and UI?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it were free?

Introducing Photopea.

Visual Content Creation Tools

The interface, tools, language, and workflow give you the impression that you’re working with Photoshop, but without the nagging suspicion that your wallet has been stolen.

Layers, channels, paths, layer styles and modifications, masks, and even the same hotkeys as Photoshop are all supported by Photopea.

For the most part, you won’t even notice you’re not using Photoshop after a while!

You can save your work in any common format (PNG, JPG, SVG, etc.) or even as a fully layered Photoshop-compatible format once you’re through (PSD or PSB).

Thanks to its interface with PixaBay.com, Photopea also comes with a ton of free-to-use stock pictures — just search for what you want and drag it onto the canvas.

You may buy all of the conversion-focused tools in Thrive Suite for a single fee with the money you save, and still have money left over to pamper yourself.


Canva will become a solid favorite in your image creation toolbox whether you’re not a natural designer or simply prefer to devote your time to other elements of your business.

With all types of internet photos, Canva provides you a great head start:

  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media graphics
  • Art on YouTube Channel
  • Banners for LinkedIn
  • Letterheads and business stationery
  • Logos
  • Course developers will appreciate the worksheets and awards.
  • Brochures and ebooks (ideal for opt-in promotions!)

…and this is only touching the surface. Canva features beautiful templates for you to personalize and use on your company website, no matter what you want to produce.

You may customize every element – including the colors, text, photos, and icons – once you’ve picked a starting template (yes, you can start with a blank one if you wish).

You can also search Canva’s media element collection for the ideal photo or graphic to use in your image.

Notice how some of the icons have a crown? It will cost about $1 to utilize these.

Of course, you’re free to stick to the free elements as well, making Canva completely free to use.


Do you need to update your landing page, funnel, or personal brand homepage with a professional photo?

You probably don’t want the background either, whether it’s your office chair, hallway, or strewn-about kitchen.

You may now spend a half-hour in Photoshop trimming around the part you wish to keep.

Alternatively, you may use remove.bg to complete the job for you.

This helpful program detects and removes the background from photographs automatically.

Because remove.bg is designed to function on real-life images shot with a camera… people, automobiles, and daily items… I use “photo” rather than “image.”

Let’s see how effective remove.bg is.

Here’s a short shot I took using my phone’s camera. The door, a radiator, and the typical shadows of my ears on the wall are still present, despite the bland background.

Here’s the outcome of replacing the background with transparency with remove.bg:

For a free, automated tool, this is quite astounding!

The tool doesn’t always get it right, especially if your shot has a crowded background or if your hair is curly, but it usually comes close. If there are only a few artifacts left, you may finish the work with Photoshop or Photopea.

Remove.bg is well worth a try before attempting to remove the background manually; it could save you a lot of time if you require a web-ready image.


Don’t be fooled by the abundance of advertising banners; ezGIF offers a vast collection of free online tools for editing and optimizing your images and videos.

Let’s look at what you can accomplish with ezGIF as we’re only talking about images today…

To begin, ezGIF lets you convert your photographs between the most common file formats. It allows you to pick your compression level to obtain a specific file size or quality, and it supports transparency when necessary.

Second, ezGIF includes image optimization features that can be customized to reduce file size without sacrificing visual quality.

Some formats allow for lossless optimization, which reduces file size without sacrificing quality.

Third, as its name suggests, ezGIF allows you to do a variety of fantastic things with animated GIFs:

  • Create animated GIFs from videos
  • GIFs can be resized, rotated, cropped, divided, and reversed.
  • Color filters, speed changes, censoring, and looping are all options.
  • Add a logo or a watermark as an overlay.
  • Text can be added to animated GIFs.


Understanding file formats, compression types, dithering, and color palettes is necessary for properly optimizing photos on the web.

Nobody’s got time for that!

Kraken is the solution for you if you want to optimize your photographs automatically.

Simply drag and drop your images into Kraken to see a 50 percent reduction in file size with no visible loss of quality.

Kraken has lowered the visual clarity of my photographs above by a massive 76 percent, and I honestly can’t tell the difference. It accomplishes this by employing a complex optimization algorithm that I refer to as “magic.”

Check out the image comparison below to see for yourself…

Before optimizing with Kraken


After optimizing with Kraken

38KB … saving 65%!

Kraken is free to use on photos under 1MB, making it ideal for optimizing 90 percent of web graphics.

They also have a fantastic WordPress plugin for optimizing each image in your media collection. You can optimize up to 100MB of photographs before paying (and the maximum size has been upped to 32MB), so it’s ideal for small websites or just trying out the service.

There’s no excuse not to use Kraken before uploading images to your WordPress site, given the tremendous influence that large images have on page load speed and possibly SEO performance.

Muzli – Color Palette Generator

Muzli’s Color Palette Generator is a useful color pairing tool that may help you quickly settle on a color strategy for your brand’s materials.

Maintaining a consistent color scheme for your website and social media platforms makes it much easier for customers to identify your company quickly.

If you don’t have any design experience or knowledge of color theory, though, finding the perfect set of colors will be difficult.

Muzli, come in.

Muzli’s Palette Generator shows you several color palettes based on color theory AND how those colors could be used on an example user interface in one concise overview.

By downloading each color’s specific code and using it in your design program, you may also test these colors on your posters, banners, mock-ups, and landing sites. This is how the code appears:

After you’ve gone through your code, you may look for it in a tool like Canva or even Photoshop, as shown below:

You won’t have to waste time coming up with the perfect colors for your designs with this tool. To keep your visual material fresh and interesting, simply employ the palettes you’ve created or create new ones.

Another advantage of this tool? You don’t need an account to use it or to download a palette, so you can just walk in, create a color scheme, and go.

Stop the press!

Did you know that we implemented Smart Color Technology in both Thrive Theme Builder and Thrive Architect Smart landing pages.

All you have to do is pick your main brand color and Smart Color Technology  automatically creates a professional color palette to go with it so you can focus on getting your business set right up.

With this tool, you can create a professional website, with stunning landing pages to match.

Check out these great landing pages templates to see what picking the right colors for your brand can do for your website. They’re all included as part of Thrive Suite.

  • Hydrogen Smart
  • Chic Smart
  • Online Course Smart


Do you want to swiftly design the style of your landing pages and funnels without being distracted by the search for the appropriate images?

Want to keep your WordPress media library from becoming bloated with temporary placeholder images?

Then this tool is for you…

Placeholder.com allows you to make graphics from a URL in seconds!

Such as this…https://via.placeholder.com/300×150

Simply copy and paste the URL into the image area in the Thrive Visual Editor, as shown…

Simply use this if you want to add text…https://via.placeholder.com/300×200?text=Team+Photo

The placeholder image is light grey by default, but the text is slightly darker. You can enter the color hex codes just after the dimensions if you like to use a different set of colors (perhaps to contrast better as you create your page).


I know it’s hard to get enthusiastic about rectangles, but the ability to make pictures instantaneously with just a URL may really help you speed up your creative process. It means less time wasted searching for photographs, posting them, and then deleting them.

If you want to test your design with a certain image format, placeholder.com supports GIF, JPG, PNG, and even WEBP extensions, as well as mandating HTTP or HTTPS. In 99 percent of circumstances, you won’t need this, but it’s useful if you have a specific need.

  • https://via.placeholder.com/300×120.gif
  • https://via.placeholder.com/300×120.jpg
  • https://via.placeholder.com/300×120.png
  • https://via.placeholder.com/300×120.webp
  • http://via.placeholder.com/300×120
  • https://via.placeholder.com/300×120

Share Your Best Free Image Tools

So now you have seven free internet tools to assist you in creating stunning photographs for your website!

You could bookmark each one, but it’s probably quicker to just bookmark this page immediately using Ctrl+D (or ⌘+D if you’re on a Mac). Plus, we’d love to see you in the comments again.

Speaking of comments…

Do you design graphics for your company using any free web tools?

Please post them below for everyone to see.

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