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zapable review
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We now live in a digital age, when most businesses operate online, and mobile applications have become an important tool for connecting with the proper consumers. Not only can mobile apps link businesses with their clients, but they also enhance conversion rates. Mobile apps will take your business to the next level, regardless of your industry.

zapable review

If you’ve decided to create a mobile app for your company, Zapable is a software that allows you to create a mobile app in minutes. You don’t need any coding skills or prior experience to create a mobile app with Zapable, and you can create a high-quality and professional app in minutes. Your business will be more interactive and produce more cash if you design a mobile app for it. If you read through the Zapable review, you’ll learn about its advantages and applications.

What is Zapable?

Zapable is a piece of software that allows you to create mobile iOS and Android apps for your business in minutes and customize them to your liking. Zapable’s drag-and-drop builder makes it simple to create a mobile app without any programming skills or technical knowledge.

It includes a lot of features and a simple user interface, so you may create a unique mobile app design.

Zapable’s biggest feature is that it integrates with social networking networks, eCommerce platforms, and allows you to create promo codes, loyalty cards, and more. You may also use the program to publish your business’s mobile app, as well as integrate push notifications.

Zapable is the most effective program for creating apps to target specific clients. If you want to create an app with this software, read the Zapable Review for additional information on its features, cost, and more.

Zapable software comes with a variety of capabilities that allow customers to construct mobile apps exactly how they want them. Zapable has a wealth of tools that may help you create a mobile app with ease, no matter what your business niche is.

Features of Zapable

Zapable software comes with a variety of capabilities that allow customers to construct mobile apps exactly how they want them. Zapable has a wealth of tools that may help you create a mobile app with ease, no matter what your business niche is.

Design your App The Way You Want

One of the most important features of this Zapable app builder is the design module, which allows you to customize the app’s layout. It means that on the home page of the business app, you can display icons, articles, or whatever you want; otherwise, you can display your products, services, or whatever categories you want.

There are no limitations when it comes to developing the app, and you can do so quickly thanks to Zapable’s drag-and-drop builder. Even the content will pique the interest of the viewers, increasing the chances of obtaining more leads.

Create Discount Codes

Zapable allows you to create customizable discount codes and digital loyalty cards, which is perfect for restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores, theaters, and other businesses.

  • Perfect for a Variety of Businesses — This is ideal and appropriate for a variety of businesses, including the previously mentioned theaters, physical stores, and many others.
  • Coupon Codes – Setting a coupon code for a short time inside the app is simple, for example, get 20% off this product for a specified period of time.
  • Fully Customize Your Promotion — With Zapable, you can specify how long the product discount will be accessible and how many goods will be eligible for the discount.

Drag and Drop Builder

Control the layout of the app with an easy-to-use widget system, where you can choose different items to appear in the app, such as icons, elements, photographs, and so on. All you have to do is drag and drop the piece you want to insert, such as an icon or anything similar. The drag and drop tool will allow you to easily alter the elements you choose while also giving your app a fully customized appearance.

Zapable will help you to construct a mobile app based on your specifications, and in order to make the app successful, Zapable offers a number of features for a variety of enterprises and niche markets. To be honest, Zapable will cater to each market separately, and the app development process is entirely in your hands.

Social Media Integration

If you’re starting a business and want to reach a larger audience, social media is one of the best channels to use to promote your products and services. Social media integrations are very simple with Zapable because you can effortlessly explore social media pages.

  • Facebook – Simply connect your Facebook business page to your Zapable app to communicate with your customers, evaluate messages, and reach out to more targeted audiences.
  • Twitter – If you integrate your Twitter account feed, users will only see your new and most recent tweets.
  • Instagram – Display your Instagram posts inside the Zapable app to quickly see how many people have interacted with your posts.
  • Flickr- Stream your photo feed from your Zapable app, since it works seamlessly.

E-commerce Features

If you have things or services to sell, or if you’re an affiliate seller, you may easily sell them by developing a mobile app.

  • Shopify – Simply add your Shopify store URL to import the data and sell your products on the Shopify platform.
  • Amazon – It is simple to create your own Amazon store on any topic, and you may earn an affiliate commission if someone purchases the goods.
  • Itunes – If you want to share podcasts, audiobooks, or movies, you’ll need to create an iTunes store, which is ideal for purchasing such items.
  • Custom Catalog – You can create any store you want, making it simple to sell both your own products/services and those of others.

Grow Email Subscribers

Zapable software is for you if you want to increase the number of email subscribers for your company. It not only allows you to create mobile apps for your company, but it also includes popular email marketing connectors. You can integrate email service providers such as Aweber, Infusion Soft, GetResponse, and MailChimp with the mobile app produced with Zapable.

Build A Directory

Zapable is jam-packed with features, and it caters to each and every sort of business separately. You may also send push notifications and make it simple for your clients to schedule appointments.

  • The Listing Page — With this program, you can construct listing pages that include photographs, videos, descriptions, contact information, and more.
  • Location Finder – You can also add a location finder so that it may be utilized for numerous areas and that it is easy to find your ads based on your vicinity.
  • Social Interaction – All you have to do is link your social media pages into it to get started.

Pros and Cons

Okay, there’s nothing on planet earth that doesn’t have both the upside and the downside. Zapable has both the good and not-so-good sides.


  • Several features are available.
  • Can create apps for both iOS and Android.
  • Simple to use
  • Integrations with various social media networks
  • Integrations with ecommerce
  • Integrations with email marketing
  • App creator with drag-and-drop functionality
  • It’s possible to make page listings and a location finder.
  • Push notifications are generated.
  • Increase the number of user interactions
  • It’s possible to create coupon codes and loyalty codes.


  • Little bit expensive (cost $997 USD)
  • You have to promote your app

Conclusion – Is It the Price?

Yes, Zapable has a wide range of tools that allow you to create mobile apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad devices. It has a number of integrations, including social media and email. e-commerce, and so on.

It will be simple to attract the attention of the right audiences using the integration options it provides, and you will instantly receive leads and conversions. This can also help you obtain more email subscribers. If you want to boost your company’s growth, use Zapable software to design a mobile app for any Android or Apple device, as we all know that mobile apps are known for increasing conversions and sales.


Is it possible to use Zapable to create several sections?

Yes, you can have subsections in your store; however, you must have a single store with several subsections, such as Cricket DVDs, Cricket Equipment, and Cricket Autobiographies, for example.

Is it feasible to add a link to Zapable from the company’s website?

Yes, you can include a connection to your company’s website as well as all of your social media accounts in Zapable.

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